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Glassroots Art Show is a trade show designed for glass artists and industry companies who wish to do wholesale business with shops, galleries, and resellers.

Since 2009, Glassroots has stayed true to its roots focusing on glass as the star of the show and helping to elevate and provide a platform for the working artist, mom & pop, and family owned and operated businesses to create lifelong relationships with buyers and stores throughout the midwest and beyond.


A fond farewell from Nick, Mary, & Allison,

It is with full and grateful hearts that we pass the Glassroots torch on to our biggest supporter, Mr. @waldoswonders! We envision the best intentions for new beginnings, happy changes, positive growth and the same old camaraderie as ever for the future of the show under Waldo’s lead. It has been our greatest honor to bring our love of and passion for glass into reality as the Glassroots Art Show container and we are grateful for all the beautiful people in this industry who have shown up over the years, making Glassroots a beautiful place to spend time, energy and to do business with glass family. No one is more fit to carry the spirit of Glassroots on into the world than our dear friend Waldo and we couldn’t be more excited to see what is to come! Since our humble beginnings as Great Lakes Art Show during that wild WI snow storm of 2009 to Allison joining the team in 2014, from flame offs to charity glass events, from marble shows to gallery shows, from education projects to glass talk shows, from Nick & Mary’s GR wedding in 2011 to 6 Deviley children + 1 Key child later, from Madison to Austin to Asheville and all the special moments in between we thank you for supporting Glassroots in all the ways on this incredible journey that has been such a huge important part of our lives. We will see you from the other side of the trade show floor.


Cheers to change & to Waldo!

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